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Mit den bekannten Gesichtern Tobias Schreiber und Tassilo Schimming, jedoch erstmals unter der seit 2019 bestehenden neuen Firmierung präsentierte...

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TS Quadrat GmbH liefert Brecher für Reaktorrückbau aus.

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TS Quadrat GmbH won Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH as a new customer

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Quality management audited according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for increased customer satisfaction.

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1 Jahr TS Quadrat GmbH - Rückblick und Ausblick

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Managing Director Tobias Schreiber tells us all about founding his new company, TS Quadrat GmbH.

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Your partner for efficient conveyor and safe nuclear technology

After stepping down from his long-standing post as Managing Director of Liese GmbH, since April 2019 Tobias Schreiber has been forging ahead with materials handling technology and nuclear technology (waste management) – both business areas previously handled by Liese – at TS Quadrat GmbH.

He made the move to TS Quadrat, a new company, along with a full complement of highly experienced, expert employees who had previously been active in materials handling technology and nuclear technology at Liese GmbH.

Our expertise, combined with our forward-looking approach to business, state-of-the-art working methods and streamlined structures, are what is helping us to deliver a future where your projects and assignments relating to intralogistics and nuclear technology are efficiently shaped into a reality.


State-of-the-art intralogistics / Nuclear technology in line with the latest safety requirements

Whether you’re working with single components or a complete system, you can rely on us to convey your general cargo (tyres, cardboard, vessels, pallets, and so on) in an intelligent way. We tap into every area of potential during this process, allowing us to make your in-house material flows operate as efficiently as possible.

In nuclear technology applications, we provide comprehensive support for safely handling nuclear waste. Working together with you, we take responsibility for maintaining a healthy planet and ensuring a bright future for the generations to come.

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