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After stepping down from his long-standing post as Managing Director of Liese GmbH, since April 2019 Tobias Schreiber has been forging ahead with materials handling technology and nuclear technology (waste management) – both business areas previously handled by Liese – at TS Quadrat GmbH

He made the move to TS Quadrat, a new company, along with a full complement of highly experienced, expert employees who had previously been active in materials handling technology and nuclear technology at Liese GmbH.

Our expertise, combined with our forward-looking approach to business, state-of-the-art working methods and streamlined structures, are what is helping us to deliver a future where your projects and assignments relating to intralogistics and nuclear technology are efficiently shaped into a reality.


COMPONENTS up to 60kg


Cartons, crates, cardboard boxes, tyres – whatever you want to transport, we will make sure that your materials flow efficiently. Find our more about our product portfolio.

COMPONENTS up to 1.5ton


We can transport your items, position them or store them over various lengths of time – whether they’re palletised goods, wire mesh boxes, transport frames or something else. Find out more here.



Do you require a complete system? We can develop and build a full turnkey system just for you. Contact us – we’ll be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.




We are your expert partner when it comes to handling nuclear waste safely. Read more about this here.



In conversation: An interview with Tobias Schreiber, Managing Director of TS Quadrat, on starting up the new company and more.

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Your satisfaction is our ultimate aim. This is why we always place your requirements firmly at the centre of all we do, while you also benefit from our full service offer.


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