Downtime or need for repairs? We can secure your plant availability

Is your plant idle with an acute need for repairs? Or are you interested in preventive maintenance for plant that's getting on in years? Make the most of our comprehensive range of services, which we can tailor to you individually.

We can


your plant, thereby ensuring a high level of plant and system availability for you.


Refit rather than buy new plant - increase your productivity!

With a general overhaul (retrofit) of your plant we can offer you a cost-effective solution, particularly for limited budgets, to increase the performance of your plant and multiply its service life. When refitting/retrofitting your machines, we will bring them up to the latest state of the art in terms of mechanical and control technology. You will make considerable savings compared with the purchase of a new machine. Please make an appointment directly, we will be happy to visit you and evaluate your current situation.



Belt replacement - with the latest technology for a perfect endless splice in little time

With our welding machine / heating press we can quickly produce a superior endless splice of your conveyor belts. We will enable you to quickly and easily install new thermoplastic belts/conveyor belts in your systems and reduce downtimes to a minimum. Feel free to contact us.


Spare and wearing parts

We offer you spare parts and wearing parts packages tailored to your needs so that you can react quickly in acute cases or take preventive measures against breakdowns.


Please contact us.