System integration



Do you need a complete solution or are you looking to optimise your intralogistics?

We compile a detailed plan, complete with documentation and sets of drawings, based on your building’s layout and application diagrams.

Even when it comes to systems with maximum safety requirements, such as in nuclear technology, we have extensive expertise accumulated from numerous successful projects.

Whether you want to work with roller conveyors, chain conveyors or belt conveyors, we can make your individual solution a reality.

We also boast an extensive pool of components for add-on systems or stations, such as:


• Pallet transport

• Goods centring devices

• Telescopic conveyors

• Handling gantries

• Redundant components and drives

• Lifting / lowering stations

• Weighing systems

• Hoppers

• Transfer trolleys

• Drum grippers

• Inclined conveyors and cross conveyors

• Filling stations

• Fall arresting devices



Challenge us! We look forward to answering your questions.

Watch the video here about our tyre conveyor system for Interpneu Handelsgesellschaft mbH and some more case studies:

Lidding station Lid hopper
Filling station
Pusher with gripper
Lifting / rotating unit
Conveyor system
Welding transfer system for passenger cabins (tractors)
Welding transfer system for passenger cabins (tractors)