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Ressourcenbündelung und Portfolioerweiterung - ab dem 1. September gehört die TS Quadrat Gmbh zur MHC-Gruppe Germersheim

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Mit den bekannten Gesichtern Tobias Schreiber und Tassilo Schimming, jedoch erstmals unter der seit 2019 bestehenden neuen Firmierung präsentierte...

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TS Quadrat GmbH liefert Brecher für Reaktorrückbau aus.

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TS Quadrat GmbH won Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH as a new customer

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Quality management audited according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for increased customer satisfaction.

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1 Jahr TS Quadrat GmbH - Rückblick und Ausblick

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Managing Director Tobias Schreiber tells us all about founding his new company, TS Quadrat GmbH.

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Longitudinal transport

with pushing on and off


This special apron conveyor for longitudinal transport is particularly suitable for pushing goods on or off in a transverse direction.

It is normally used in conveyor systems at special locations where goods that cannot actually be pushed off must be pushed on or off. Conveyed materials of this type could be unpackaged tyres or piece goods wrapped in adhesive film, for example, or simply packages that are difficult to push even on your desk.

Rollers at intervals of 2” are worked into the belt freely and in a transverse axial direction. They are slightly raised so that product does not come into contact with the smooth carrier belt.

This means that the packages can be moved on very easily transversely and can then be taken along by the longitudinal transport of the entire conveyor in the direction of transport.

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